Terms and Conditions

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Meal Prep

The Meal Prep services we provide and advertise online is for the ease of our customers, we do periodically change these services and pricing and although we try to keep information up to date 100% of the time, Karma Cafe does not take responsibility for any misleading, incorrect data like pricing, due to updates or human error and recommends you contact the cafe asap if something doesn't read right on our website.Karma Cafe and Fitness can only physically produce so many Meal Preps each week and there is a weekly cap set on this service - it is a first in first served basis. You do have to place your order every week after 2pm Sunday (Darwin local time).

Purchasing for more than 1 person at a time

If you are purchasing for more than 1 person and both orders have special requirements including allergies etc, you will need to purchase 2 orders with separate logins so we can receive your specific profile information at checkout. If you are ordering standard meals with no special requirements, it is possible to order as many meals as possible at one time.

Specialist Meals

All specialist meals have a $0.50 charge for each meal in relation to it's category.All of the food at Karma Cafe is handled in accordance with food standards in Australia. Though we take every precaution to keep our food preparation nut and allergen free (unless specified) we have to state that our kitchen handles some ingredients that may cause allergic reaction to some individuals. If there are any food allergies known when ordering from our prep menu we will need to be told in advance to specially take precautions in the production of meals if possible. Even if specialist meals are requested with allergen information in the odd case there could be cross contamination in which case Karma Cafe and Fitness can not always guarantee 100% but will always do our very best to meet all allergen requirements.  All dietary requirements MUST be stated during checkout in your profile. Some high allergy sufferers may not be suitable for our food preparation service and we apologise for this in advance.

Orders received after 2pm Sunday will be processed for the following week. Make sure you get your orders in early to avoid ordering issues or missing out.