Sample Menus

Please see below examples of sample menus

24 meal plan (Busy Bodies)

Day ADay BDay CDay DDay EDay F
Meal 1Chicken Breast Brown Rice Vegetable StirfryWhite Fish Sweet Potato Vegetables LemonKangaroo Steak Brown Rice Vegetables Tomato RelishChicken Breast Brown Rice Vegetable AlmondsBeef Pattie Sateed Onions Mixed Veges Sweet PotatoTurkey Veggie Stirfry Wholegrain Pasta
Meal 2White Fish Sweet Potato Roast Veggies LemonSpicy Beef Wholegrain Pasta Mixed VeggiesChicken Breast Wholewheat Pasta Vegetables Bean SalsaWhite Fish Sweet Potato Veggie StirfryChicken Breast Brown Rice Roast Veggies Bean Salsa AlmondsKangaroo Steak Roast Veggies Sweet Potato
Meal 3Kangaroo Steak Brown Rice VegetablesChicken Breast Brown Rice Vegetables Pumpkin SeedsTrout Fillet Brown Rice Vegetables LemonBeef Pattie Wholegrain Pasta VegetablesTurkey Vegetable Stirfry Wholegrain PastaWhite Fish Brown Rice Vegetables Lemon
Meal 4Tuna Salad with Quinoa and light dressingSalmon Salad with Brown RiceTuna Salad with wholegrain PastaChicken Salad Roast Veggies and AvocadoTuna Salad with wholegrain PastaWhite Fish Salad with Quinoa and lemon dressing

12 meal plan (Casual Crew)

Day ADay BDay CDay DDay EDay F
Meal 1Spicy Beef Brown Rice Roast VegetablesChicken Breast Mixed Vegetables Wholegrain PastaKangaroo Steak Mushroom Stirfry Brown RiceWhite Fish Sweet Potato Wholegrain Pasta AlmondsBeef Pattie Sateed Onions Vegetables Brown RiceChicken Breast Sweet Potato Vegetable Stir Fry
Meal 2White Fish Sweet Potato Stir Fried Vegetables AlmondsTrout Fillet Brown Rice Vegetables LemonChicken Breast Roast Vegetables Sweet PotatoTurkey Vegetable Stir Fry Brown RiceKale and Roast Veggie Salad with Chicken and AvocadoWhite Fish Brown Rice Roast Vegetables Lemon

18 meal plan (Dynamic Dynamites/Veggie Vulture)

Day ADay BDay CDay DDay EDay F
Meal 1Veggie Pattie Brown Rice Roast VegetablesVegetable Frittata Wholegrain PastaRoast Capsicum and Broccoli SaladStuffed Mushroom Sweet Potato Wholegrain Pasta AlmondsKale and Roast Veggie Salad with AvocadoMushrooms Sweet Potato Vegetable Stir Fry
Meal 2Bean Salsa Stir Fried Vegetables QuinoaVeg Pattie Brown Rice Vegetables LemonVegetable Frittata Roast Vegetables Sweet PotatoBlack Beans Vegetable Stir Fry Brown RiceLentil Salad Wholegrain Pasta Mixed VegetablesCapsicum Brown Rice Roast Vegetables Lemon
Meal 3Mushroom Stirfry and Sweet Potato with brown riceMixed Salad with Almond and Seed mix and light dressingVeg Pattie with Pumpkin and Wholegrain PastaAvocado Salad with Brown Rice and BeansBean Salsa and Sweet Potato with Roast CapsicumVegetable Frittata with Pasta Salad
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