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Before ordering online please read the below to make sure you order correctly
Please note if you are purchasing for more than 1 person and both orders have special requirements including allergies etc, you will need to purchase 2 orders with separate logins so we can receive your specific profile information at checkout.Please find information below on our Meal Prep options. When you go to checkout you need to choose your desired fitness feed and how many meals you need. Below you will find information on our recommended pack lots to purchase in, but you will need to type in the exact amount of single meals you desire at checkout.Before you purchase your weekly meal prep make sure you have read our Terms and Privacy and confirm our Meal Prep service is right for you. Meal Prep must be manually ordered weekly in advance before Sunday 2pm. There are only a certain amount of meals available each week so please get in quick and don't miss out.

Fitness Feed

Body Builder200g30g100g150g
Fitness Fanatic150g20g80g150g
Active Animal100g10g50g100g
Veggie Vultures (vegetarian)50g10g100g150g
 Proteins: Chicken - White Fish - Oily Fish - Tuna - Kangaroo - Beef - Turkey - Vegetable CombosFats: Almonds - Walnuts - Macadamia - Cashews - Pumpkin Seeds - Sunflower Seeds - Seasame Seeds - Avocado - Fish - Eggs - Nut Butter - ChiaCarbs: Brown Rice - Wholewheat Pasta - Sweet Potato - QuinoaVeggies: Spinach - Kale - Carrots - Butternut Pumpkin - Brocoli - Brocolini - Green Beans - Peas - Capsicum - Zucchini - Egg Plant - Tomato - Cucumber - Mushroom - Cabbage - Rocket 
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Body Builder

$14.50 each

Fitness Fanatic

$12.50 each

Active Animal

$11.50 each

Veggie Vulture

$10.50 each


Busy Bodies

24 Pack 4 Meals x 6 Days
  • Body Builder $348
  • Fitness Fanatic $300
  • Active Animal $267
  • Veggie Vulture $252

Dynamic Dynamites

18 Pack 3 Meals x 6 Days
  • Body Builder $261
  • Fitness Fanatic $225
  • Active Animal $207
  • Veggie Vulture $189

Casual Crew

12 Pack 2 Meals x 6 Days
  • Body Builder $174
  • Fitness Fanatic $150
  • Active Animal $138
  • Veggie Vulture $126

^All specialist meals have a $0.50 charge for each meal in relation to the category above.Disclaimer: All of the food at Karma Cafe is handled in accordance with food standards in Australia. Though we take every precaution to keep our food preparation nut and allergen free (unless specified) we have to state that our kitchen handles some ingredients that may cause allergic reaction to some individuals. If there are any food allergies known when ordering from our prep menu we will need to be told in advance to specially take precautions in the production of meals if possible. All dietary requirements MUST be stated in the Notes field when ordering meal prep. Some high allergy sufferers may not be suitable for our food preparation service and we apologise for this in advance.