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Mindy was a personal trainer on the gold coast for 5 years before moving to Darwin to open Karma Cafe. She is very passionate about health and fitness and aspires to motivate the every day person to be and become the best version of themselves. Karma Cafe consumes the majority of Mindy's time now along with running Bootcamps and online customised meal plans and selling meal preps.For the past 8 years health and fitness has been a huge part of Mindy’s life. After completing several half marathons and running the great wall of china she knows how important correct nutrition is for your to be able to be the best you can be.Mindy has also competed in 3 different sports models competitions. All of them she has placed in the top 5, winning May 2014 fitness model overall INBA N.T.
Yes Karma Cafe stock pre packaged health conscious food options.Meal Prep